Cure Brain Cancer Foundation’s Marcella Zemanek tells us who she’d climb a mountain for

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” –  that’s how I feel about Charlie’s Million$Mission and his team, who are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

I would have climbed any mountain to stop the GBM Grade 4 that invaded my husband Stan’s brain. Sadly, like so many others, he lost his battle. However, that hasn’t stopped me from keeping up the fight for brain cancer patients.

Since Stan passed away nine years ago I have met the most amazing people who have been touched by brain cancer. We are all on the same journey and even though it can be incredibly sad, it is also uplifting as well.

You only have to attend some of our fantastic events, such as the Gala Ball and Spring Ball in Sydney, Dine For A Cure in Melbourne, the Gala Dinner in Brisbane, along with our Walks4Brain Cancer in every state, to see just what an impact we have on people who are supporting our mission and the most innovative, ground-breaking research ever seen.

I guess you can say I am still climbing a mountain and I won’t stop until we find a way of beating brain cancer. I know it’s too late for those who have lost the battle, but it’s not too late for the brain cancer warriors still fighting. And, as I said in my opening statement, “Ain ‘t no Mountain High Enough.”

Marcella Zemanek